About this report

The non-financial information on Gmp is part of the 2019 Annual Report. It shows the progress made in the Company’s performance and its value chain as regards, social and environmental issues and governance, combined with all the information needed so that the reader understands Gmp’s positioning and contribution to sustainability. The financial year 2019 covered in this report runs from 1 January 2019 through to 31 December 2019.

Scope and structure of the information reported

The information on CSR has been compiled based on all the assets Gmp owns, except the residential tourism resort Las Colinas Golf & Country Club in the chapter on the environment (Chapter on Environmental Protection). The quantitative and qualitative data in this chapter solely refer to the property-owning business of the Group, as at the time of writing this report the Company is working to collect environmental information on this resort.

Moreover, whenever information is available, data relating to 2018 has been included, so that the evolution of the Company’s performance can be traced clearly.

In the presentation of quantitative data in the chapter on the environment, consumption by the Group’s corporate offices has been distinguished from those at its other buildings, as required by EPRA reporting standard sBPR.

Bases for reporting

Standards considered:

Gmp’s 2019 Annual Report has been drawn up based on two non-financial data reporting standards:

GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) in its core option.

EPRA (European Public Real Estate Association) Recommendations Guidelines sBPR.

Reporting principles followed:

Inclusion of stakeholders: the information contained in Gmp’s 2019 Annual Report has been prepared mindful of the expectations and needs of the Company’s stakeholders.

Aligned to this, in the chapter ‘Innovation from sustainability” Gmp’s stakeholders are identified, as well as the communication channels through which it seeks to address their expectations and interests.

Materiality: before writing this Report, Gmp carried out a materiality study to identify the most relevant issues for the Company. This analysis covers all the aspects of environmental, social and good governance issues that could influence the Company and its stakeholders.

Context: Gmp contributes to the wellbeing of the whole value chain: ranging from its clients and users through pioneering management in the real estate industry to its employees through talent attraction and retention policies. Without forgetting the work of the Gmp Foundation, whose contribution enables the Company to give back to society.

Comprehensiveness: the contents included in the CSR Report have been designed based on an initial identification of the aspects that are material for Gmp and its stakeholders. Throughout the report the coverage and scope are indicated on the information reported.